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14 Dec, 2017



Just who qualifies as a millennial?

Millennials are those born roughly between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s. 

Currently, millennials account for over 25% of workers in Kenya. Most companies have expressed their concerns where employing millennials is concerned. Most managers have the assumption that all young people are the same- less collaborative and cannot last for long in one work place.

However, some companies have identified the potential that lies within this generation and adjusted strategies in order to lure millennial talent and retain them. Below are just but a few strategies that can help you benefit from the unrealized capacity in Millennials


  • Identify their priorities


Millennials have this need to work for a purpose that is bigger than themselves, where they can make a huge difference. This group of people have a can-do attitude about duties at work. They also want a variety of tasks and expect that they will accomplish every one of them. Positive and confident, millennials are ready to take on the world.


  • Create a free work environment


Millennials value being appreciated and seek a good working atmosphere that goes beyond compensation and career advancement needs. They’re always looking to provide input and ideas. Encourage them to voice their thoughts and opinions and create an atmosphere where they enjoy their work and their workplace.


  • Balanced work-life


Millennials are already used to ‘jamming’ their lives with multiple activities. They work extra hard, but also want flexible schedules and life away from work too-work, family, home, friends-ignore this at your peril.


  • Embrace technology


Technology is not just a fun distraction for them, Millennial employees are much more capable of applying technology for professional purposes than previous generations. You will notice that there are some procedures they don’t agree with since they have identified an easier way to doing the same. Don’t squash them or contain them, instead, allow them to teach you a thing or two. Who knows, it might be the step that will take your business or department to the next level


  • Invest in training


They are a naturally curious generation with a strong ‘thirst’ to know more and be better. Keep in mind that millennials are fast learners, who have come to know the latest technology through self-education and intuition. They are therefore capable of learning new methodologies because they want to advance their careers.


  • Give clear structure. 


Tasks should have fairly regular hours with certain activities scheduled per day. Goals that are clearly communicated and progress is assessed with defined assignments and success factors. They clearly need to know who they report to and what is expected of them so that they can keep record of their progress. If you keep shifting the goal posts, and mixed tasks you lose them.


  • Provide Leadership and Guidance. 


Millennials want to look up to you, learn from you, and receive daily feedback from you. They want in on the whole picture and to know the scoop and not leave your organization the same way they came in.


One of the qualities of successful companies is being able to attract and retain the most talented employee. Providing feedback, mentorship and career development opportunities are important to keeping millennials engaged. It is vital to also know that not all young people are similarly motivated.

As demographic trends continue, millennials will increasingly dominate the workplace in the coming years. If you get it right, you are on your way to building the workforce of your future. Make your millennial employees happy in fun yet structured environment since for them, boring is bad, without clear goal is pointless and too strict is stressing.

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