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14 Dec, 2017

Are You Mentally Challenged?

  1. Dedication To Genuineness—You Have A Fundamental Orientation To What Is Real Rather Than Idyllic.
  2. Tolerance— You Have The Power To Embrace Conflicting Aspects Of Oneself And Others.
  3. Patience— You Have The Capacity To Remain Present To Difficult Experiences And Work Them Through Slowly Over Time;
  4. Liveliness — You Have The Experience Of Being More Alive, More Engaged, And Freer Of Inhibition;
  5. Self-Control—The Ability To Own And Take Responsibility For Oneself;
  6. Love—Rooted In Gratitude And The Effort To Make Repair For Damage Done To Loved Ones; And Finally
  7. Internal Peace And Harmony—Ingrained In A Sense Of Deeper Security With Oneself And With Others, Experienced As The Feeling Of Being More Whole. If You Are Curious About Your Mental Health Try This Free Test By Psychology Today

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