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14 Dec, 2017

Emotional Intelligence in the

EQ Or Emotional Intelligence Is Continuously Being Used In The Work Place; To Hire, Improve The Quality Of Work Life And To Cater To Client Needs. Team Work With Emotionally Intelligent Staff Yields ROI With Research From The Korn Ferry Institute Showing This And Includes An Extra Benefit Of Reduced Resistance To Change. There Is Even A Movement Towards EQ Tests Given To Prospective Hires. There Are Papers Highlighting The Use Of Social Media To Select A Hire And Better Understand The Person You Are About To Hire Emotionally. The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence Is Growing And Having An Understanding Is Both A Great Personal Decision And Productive Corporate One. We Will Look Into A Few In This Months Series On Emotional Intelligence In The Work Place Thanks To Daniel Goleman Who Categorizes Emotional Intelligence.

Self Confidence

“Self­Awareness Is Defined As The Accurate Appraisal And Understanding Of Your Abilities And Preferences And Their Implications For Your Behaviour And Their Impact On Others. It’s Reality­testing; A Calibration Against The Facts Of Life.” Adrian Furnham Ph.D

Being Self­aware Enables Us To Be More Realistic About Ourselves And Our Judgments And In Turn Others Trust And Respect Us For This, The Reverse Being That When We Lack Self­awareness We Appear Less Trustworthy Because Others Are More Aware Of Our Own Strengths And Weaknesses Than We Are Ourselves.

What Can We Do To Try And Develop Our Self­awareness Now You Wonder?

  • Take A Personality Test: They May Be Not Be Accurate But They Offer Great Insights Into Who You Are. A Good On Is The Myers­Briggs.
  • Find Professional Help: Find A Coach Who Can Be Your Guide In Exploring Who You Are And Your Personality. Ensure That If Possible They Be Certified.
  • Keep A Personal Journal: Peter Drucker Called This Reflective Activity ‘Feedback Analysis’: “The Only Way To Discover Your Strengths.” This Is A Journal Activity That Requires You To Write What You Think Is Going To Happen Given A Certain Situation. Finally Analyze The End Result. How It All Ended And What Actually Happened And Why.
  • Ask Someone: Identify People You Know And Feel You Can Trust And Are Objective

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